Picking the right horse is the key to placing a winning bet. The best way to choose is by researching the animal. Most professional racing horses will have a recorded history. Reading this will give you an idea of its strengths and weaknesses.

The same should be done for the jockey. A horse is only as good as its rider. If they are new to the sport, then they may not have the experience to pull off a first place finish. It tends to be easier to understand how good a jockey is than their mount.

Sometimes, people can overlook who owns the animal. The owner will be the one who keeps the horse healthy and in the best physical shape. The winning owners will already have a proven track record of raising champions.

In the lead up to a big race, such as the Grand National, there will be a lot of buzz. Gamblers will have the benefit of being able to read numerous articles on each of the racing animals. Experts on the sport will also be giving their opinion on their favourite horses. This will allow the gambler to gain a broader sense of each one.

It is also worth getting to know the various terminology specific to horse racing. This will make sure that you understand exactly what you are betting on. Luckily, the act of placing a bet is very simple and easy to do.

You will need to know the name of the track, the number of the race and the type of wager. When doing this online, most of this information will already been on the screen of the casino website. So too will the names of the horses and their odds.

You can also decide whether to bet on one horse or a combination of them. Each way bets are also good as they ensure that some money can be won back even if the horse does not finish in first place.

Most people will watch the race on television. However, it can be a much more rewarding experience to see it at the actual track. This will create an added sense of excitement. There will be a social element that tends to soften the blow if you lose the bet.

When at the track, you can sometimes purchase a programme. This gives information on the jockeys and horses. Rather than relying on third parties for advice, it is often better to get the straight facts from these pages. Thanks to mobile technology, you can place a bet online at the track using your phone.

When you decide to make a wager, your main goal is to choose the horse that has the highest chance of winning. In order to do this, you should analyse the stats for each horse and compare them. The favourite horses tend to win 33% of their races. This does not guarantee their success. Therefore, it is worth looking into other factors that may affect the outcome of the race.