Horse racing is as old as the relationship between man and horse. The horse was a preserve of the mighty in the society. Even though this has changed with more diversified horse ownership, horses largely remain the domain of the well-to-do. Horse races have continued to attract big-money deals and sponsorships with considerable winnings to the horse owner. For the jockey and the horse, earning a place in horse racing fairy tales is just as sweet as winning itself.

Nothing depicts the allure of horse races than the mind-boggling figures up for grabs in top horse races in the world. In this blog, read about some horse races that will blow your mind with the amount of money involved.

The Everest Horse Race

Launched only two years ago, The Everest race is hosted in Sydney’s Royal Randwick track. Despite being a recent addition to the horse race event calendar, The Everest ranks among the top races in terms of prize money on offer. For instance, in 2019, the prize topped $10 Million with the kitty set to grow further as the event gains more traction with racing enthusiasts and sponsors.

The Dubai Meydan Horse Race

Hosted at the Meydan racecourse, the Dubai world cup has been on the race calendar for over two decades. The prize money for top performers was $12 million in 2019, with the ultimate winner pocketing a record-breaking $7.2 million. The race consists of ten furlongs with eligible racehorses set at a minimum of three years.

The Pegasus World Cup Race

Over to America, the Pegasus world cup horse race held in Florida consists of ten furlongs. Commenced in 2017, the Pegasus race has a prize pot of $16 million, with the winner taking home a mouthwatering $7 million. The Pegasus race has undergone some changes recently with the introduction of an invitational event splitting the prize pot with the winner of the old format.