Some bettors prefer short odds because that is where most people are placing their money. Also, in case they lose, they feel that they haven’t lost alone. This justifies why the majority of tipsters do tips on the short priced favourites.

Below are highlights of some simple tactics helpful to new horse racing bettors;

Fitness of the Racehorse

Determine the physical fitness of a horse before putting your money on it. Just as athletes, training, and competition determine their fitness, so should it be for horses. Check their last races before you place online bets on them.

Distance of the Race

In general, horses do better at certain distances either through breeding, running style, training techniques, or conformation. Some will effectively adapt to handle both short and long races. Always evaluate all the listed races and check its performance at the designated distances.


A good trainer should be able to organise and control the racehorse. Always consider the trainer. Some coaches are superior to others, and a big difference might exist between the best and the worst. A good trainer will have a wealth of knowledge about a large number of aspects of training a horse to race.

Horse Consistency

Before considering a horse as a top candidate, evaluate their yearly and lifetime record. Look for horses that are more likely to compete well. A consistent horse is supposed to finish 50 percent of the time, at least.

Horse Weight

The use of the weight of a horse as a critical factor by some handicappers is deemed a debatable variable by smart handicappers. In case one decides to use weight as a handicapping variable, then it will be prudent to consider it more important as the race length increases.

The above tips will be of great importance to the online horse racing bets. You should consider them next time you are placing your online horse racing bet.