• Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead redemption has been praised by players and critics due to the realistic nature of its horse physics. The player controls a cowboy during the final days of the Old West. This is a time before cars were the dominant form of transportation. He gets into a number of adventures and always has a horse ready to ride when needed.

There are several moments where the lead character engages in horse racing as a hobby. The earliest example of this is during the Ranching Missions when he is challenged by a farm owner. If he wins then he will be given respect by others. He does not gain any money if he wins however. Later in the game there are more lucrative racing opportunities to be had.

The player will have to constantly monitor the stamina of their horse. If this runs out, then the rider can be thrown off their mount and have damage inflicted upon them. In order to prevent this the reigns of the horse can be eased, slowing the animal. Alternatively, the player can feed their horse apples and elixirs. This will allow them to run faster for longer. These provisions can mean the difference between winning and losing a race.

  • The Witcher 3

This game is set in a fictional fantasy world. The main character is a demon hunter who travels through foreign lands in order to eradicate evil. He is joined by his trusty horse Roach throughout his many adventures.

There are 11 different horse races available to play. If the main character wins then he gains a substantial amount of money. The stats of Roach will also be improved. This side mission has proven so popular that players have been known to engage it in for hours rather than completing the main game story.

  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This fifth instalment in the revered fantasy adventure series follows a character endowed with magical powers. They explore the snowy land of Skyrim, meeting many interesting characters along the way. They can travel by foot. However, it is much quicker to use a horse.

Horse racing was not part of the main game. Despite this it is still available thanks to the active modding community. These groups manipulate the game’s original software in order to create new ways of playing it. One of the mods lets players race others and place wagers as well. In order access this play mode a person would have to download the modified script.

  • Gun

Gun is another western game. It predates Red Dead Redemption and helped to lay the groundwork for more advanced horse physics. The main character wakes up on the shore after surviving a boat sinking. He is taught how to ride a horse by the first person he meets. This man then challenges the player to an intense horse race.

Later on, during the course of the story there are several other races to take part in. These tend to not be very lucrative. However, there are time challenges and delivery missions which pay the player if they manage to complete them.

  • World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is the most famous online game out there. There have been numerous versions and expansion packs. Players can control a number of customisation races and connect with other people from across the world.

It is possible to meet up with players and race each other on their magical horses. Each person can change the look of their mount animal to give it a distinct individuality. This makes Warcraft one of the best games for racing horses.