Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

In this sci-fi prequel the Jedi Knights Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn find themselves in the middle of a civil war. During the course of their travels they meet a slave boy called Anakin who shows great promise. They wish to take him with them to train him in the ways of the force.

However, in order to do this Qui Gon Jinn must place a wager with the boy’s master. He bets that if the boy wins a special race event then he will be freed. If Anakin loses then they will all be stuck on the planet. After a special effects filled sequence during which the boy comes in first place, Qui Gon Jinn wins his bet.

Casino Royale

The James Bond films are mostly associated with high octane action scenes. In the Daniel Craig reboot much of the tension came from a high stakes poker game. 007 is tasked with winning a multi million dollar tournament. If he loses then the money will go towards funding terrorism.

Bond proves himself at the card table. At one point he appears to be the best player there. This infuriates the villain. In order to eliminate 007 he poisons his drink. After dying and then being resuscitated Bond returns to the poker table and succeeds in his mission.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas

This Johnny Depp film is based on a true story. It follows a journalist and his friend as they report on a desert bike race in Nevada. Eventually they lose track of the winner due to the fact that they have been intoxicated since they arrived in the state.

The duo decide to abandon the race and instead explore the gambling establishments of Las Vegas. During these scenes there are several nightmarish visuals. This is because the main characters are hallucinating. The players at the card tables appear as monstrous reptiles. The main characters are so out of their minds that they do not realise that they are disrupting everyone else’s evening.

Rat Race

This comedy film begins by following an assortment of different people who are visiting Las Vegas. When they play on the slot machines they each win a special gold coin. This contains instructions that tell them they have been selected for a one off race.

If they manage to reach a destination before the other players then they win a substantial cash prize. This leads to a cross country race during which the characters get into several humorous situations. Due to the large sum at stake the people taking part end up cheating in order to increase their chances of winning.

Funny Man

Funny Man is a horror movie that concerns a group of hapless people wandering around a strange mansion. There are two scenes that involve gambling. The first one is during the opening poker game where the main character wins the building.

After he moves his family in he enters a games room where he sees a spinning wheel. He touches it and an arrow rotates. Each section of the spinning wheel says either “win” or “lose”. Unfortunately for the man he lands on lose. This conjures up a mischievous magical jester who hunts down everyone in the mansion.

  • Vegas Vacation

This installment of the popular National Lampoon’s Vacation series takes the Griswold family to Las Vegas. The patriarch Clark hopes to win big at the casinos. Instead he gets into a series of misadventures. Despite initially giving up hope of hitting the jackpot, the family ends up with a winning lottery ticket by the conclusion of the film.